FCNQ is a well-known company of Nunavik, best recognized for our support of our 14 member co-operatives in their construction and building-maintenance needs.
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FCNQ Construction, we are the trusted builders of the North serving our community and partners!

For over four decades, FCNQ Construction Inc. has stood as a beacon for construction needs in the North. A subsidiary of the Fédération des co-opératives du Nouveau-Québec, we're proud of our Inuit heritage and our unyielding commitment to sustainable development.

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Our company is dedicated to civil works, and among our various expertise, we specialize in civil construction, including drilling and blasting activities. We operate two crusher kits to produce a wide range of granular materials. Complementing this, we manage a fleet of heavy machinery that enables us to excel in various civil works, particularly in constructing foundational pads for upcoming buildings. This integrated approach empowers us to offer customized solutions to our clients, showcasing our flexibility in meeting specific project requirements. With our expertise spanning material production, on-site construction, drilling, and blasting, we take pride in being a dependable and versatile player in the civil construction industry, capable of overseeing diverse projects from initiation to completion.


We have a proven reputation in delivering the highest quality building projects, with broad and varied sector experience. Projects range from a wide variety of office, retail, residential and mixed-use developments to facilities built for highly specialized purposes such as correctional, warehouse distribution and many more for our northern community, customers and partners.


We recognize that the skills, systems and processes required to effectively maintain assets over their life-cycle are critical to providing effective maintenance services in the North. We understands our clients’ long-term asset management goals and help clients realize their objectives by focusing on activities to minimize or reverse asset deterioration while safely performing daily operational functions.

Transportation & Logistics Operations

We offer our clients a range throughout the project schedule from programming to post occupancy in order to deliver a fully operational building. Our team works collaboratively with our clients' staff to facilitate informed decisions into an integrated planning and delivery process. We understand the challenges you must overcome to successfully activate your facilities.  Our unparalleled integrated approach delivers turnkey solutions to activate your facility and for enhanced operational readiness.

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